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Welcome To The Growing Life with Kate

I am here because I want to help you make the choice to grow and to stay with that choice long enough until you become your very best self. I would love to partner with you so we can grow exponentially, because I believe growth is a good life insurance. It is the only way to achieve your dreams and lead a significant life.

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Leadership Training

An organisation is said to have a good problem when it has more leaders than it can manage. That is because it is intentionally developing leaders. We bring solutions to personal leadership or organisational leadership challenges. We help you develop your leaders for excellence, because we believe that everything rises and falls on leadership.

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Personal Growth and Development

Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will be better. Your people are your your only asset because without them, you have no business. We believe that people have unlimited potential and that when we develop our potential, we become more and have more. 

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Training and development is incomplete without coaching. Everyone needs a coach for superior performance. We partner with you through your success and join you on the journey to becoming the best version of you.

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We train and coach speakers to communicate and connect effectively. Communication is a leader's currency. We take you through the process of communicating and connecting with your audience always.

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Meet Kate

Kate  is an Executive Director and President's Advisory Council member with The John Maxwell Team. She is the founder and lead Coach at Exponential Growth Academy Ltd, a coaching, Leadership development and training organization in Nigeria. She is also a Strengths Strategy certified coach. She works with individuals and organizations who are focused on building their people and organizations, improve engagement at all levels and leave a legacy. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve clarity, unlock their potential and purpose to become the best version of themselves. She has served on Transformational Leadership missions to Paraguay and Costa Rica alongside The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation. She has spoken to audiences of over 3000 people and shared the stage with John C Maxwell. She advocates intentional growth and development as the catalyst that makes the future better for people and organizations.


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