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Alignment to your purpose is EVERYTHING!

When you are in alignment, you're not just figuring it out as you go, you are backing up action with purpose. That is Powerful! When you are in alignment, you are not at the mercy of life - you show up intentionally. You are not in a forcy, resistant,robotic or autopilot mode. You choose how you want to show up and you show up with purpose.

The Blueprint For Success is a coaching system that has helped me and hundreds of others to build cohesiveness,connection and purpose in their lives. 

I want to help you find that same congruence between your inner and outer world.

I want to help you build aligned businesses and life.

I want to help you design a living plan and hold you accountable for executing it.

I want to help you find clarity and alignment in your purpose, vision and passion.

It all begins with a full day hands on virtual workshop, followed by a  four weeks coaching and accountability program to help us implement our action plans.

This program is specially designed for only those who are willing to do the hard work of becoming the best version of themselves.


Are you feeling stuck and constricted??

I can help you get unstuck and expand your thinking.

Are you looking for answers all around you and can’t find the one that resonates with you??

I can help you to unlock your answers from within.

Are you feeling like the picture is getting fuzzier by the day?

I can help you step out of your current frame so you can see the picture with fresh perspective.

The Blueprint For Success is my go-to system for helping myself and others find clarity and alignment in their purpose, vision and goals.

It is only meant for those who are truly committed to doing the hard work required to becoming the best versions of themselves.

It is meant for those who are tired of trying to figure things out by themselves.

It is meant for those who are tired of success and are searching for significance.

It is meant for those who know that their ladder is leaning against the wrong wall and need to change the ladder.

This program is intensive and we only take a limited number of persons so we can work closely together.


When was the last time you worked with a coach?

When was the last time that you gave yourself the time and space to dig deeper into who you are, how you want to show up and experience life, the impact you want to make?

What would your life look like if you could clarify the difference between your purpose, vision and passion? What results will you be able to command?

The Blueprint For Success is an experience that will take you deeper into who you are, help you find clarity and alignment of purpose, vision and goals and design your next best steps.

A time of intense reflection, introspection, questioning and finding out what you were uniquely designed and created for.

When you are in alignment, you are unapologetically you and not obstructive. You show up with purpose and you own your results.

I am giving access to a few people who are ready and committed to invest into the hard work of finding clarity and alignment, and becoming the best version of themselves.

At the Blueprint For Success, you will walk away with...

  • Clarity, direction, and confidence on your purpose, vision, and plan so you can serve your clients at an even higher level!
  • Your own unique step-by-step blueprint for success to reach your greatest vision and goals.
  • Tools to break through blocks and barriers that prevent you from greater success and fulfillment. Alignment in your purpose, vision and passion.
  • Clarity on your next best step to move you towards the results you are looking for.
  • Exclusive access to our alumni Facebook group where you will be supported and encouraged along the journey.
  • 4 WEEKS of coaching and mentoring
  • Daily accountability checkin

During our time together I'll help you:

• Zero in on your true passion and purpose, in work and in life.

• Gain a solid understanding of what makes you come alive and what holds you back.

• Get clarity on your goals and where you want to go.

• Create specific, measurable outcomes you want to achieve.

• Get insight into which activities provide the biggest payoff, financially & emotionally.

• Break down your action plan.

Still wondering if the Blueprint For Success is really for you or not?


Do any of these resonate with you?👇👇


❓❓You are tired of appearing to have it all figured out on the outside when in reality you are falling apart on the inside.

❓❓You have achieved a lot of success in your business or career, but at this point you are asking the big question, WHAT NEXT?

❓❓You have goals but do not seem to know how to align them with your purpose.

❓❓You cannot truly identify your purpose, vision and your passion.

❓❓ Life seemed really figured out before Covid19 but right now everything is fuzzy and you are stuck and you need to pivot but not sure how.

If any of these resonate with you, you can still jump in and take advantage of our introductory rate and bonuses, before we close registration tonight.


The truth is this program is only for those who are ready to pay the price and then do the hard work required to become the best version of themselves.

It is really a full 4 WEEKS of digging deep into who we are and really designing a living, breathing blueprint for yourself.

While others are daydreaming about success, spend your time planning a better future on purpose.



Not like any traditional 'program' that just give you a bunch of content and tell you to go off to implement (leaving you to go figure out the rest on your own)... the The Blueprint For Success ONLINE Coaching Program I believe in creating a transformational experience AND I have you roll up your sleeves to put it into action RIGHT AWAY.

That is why I am going to be coaching and mentoring you for 4 WEEKS so you can have the transformation you so desire.


The Benefits From Working Closely With Me Are Tremendous!


9 Hours Alignment Coaching Session

8 hours of group coaching, extracting the gold that is buried inside of you. Focused time where you will do the deep work of aligning with your purpose, vision and passion and design a functional blueprint for your success. (Valued at  $1,500)

4 Weeks of One Hour Group Coaching

 4 Weeks of Accountability and support where you will refine your purpose statement and get ongoing mentoring and support from the facilitator (Valued at  $4000)

Join A Supportive Growing Community

Join a supportive community of other purpose driven people who are making a difference in the world by expressing their soul's purpose.  (Valued at $500)

What's Your Investment?

  • A total of $598 only ( This rate will go up soon)
  • A minimum of one hour daily working on your Blueprint For Success guide
  • One hour weekly calls with me.
  • Daily check-ins in the Facebook group


Hear what other participants are saying:


"Awesome training! Awesome process!. So many things inside of me came out t the fore front. I was able to see clearly the things I had in me that I wasn't even aware of before. I have more room to believe in myself. This is the beginning of a transformational journey for me."

- Tinuade Ilesanmi


"The training was quite revealing and eye-opening. This is one process that will certainly open you up to actually thinking. And thinking not within the box of limitations, but outside the box. The questioning were deep.What I loved the most was when I became aware of my truth; who I really am. There are so many things within us that are limiting our success and this training brought them out."

- Sylvester Chiemeka


"I have never stayed so long for any program. I realized that my bogus stories have been hindering me from so many things, especially achieving my purpose. My main goal for joining the the program was to become aware of my purpose because I do so many things. Today I was able to articulate my purpose, write it down and also understand my passion."

- Favour Mogbolu

Join the “Blueprint For Success” coaching program, Where YOU will articulate your purpose, vision, and passion with clarity. Create a plan and be equipped to achieve the life you desire.


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