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Decision-making is a choice


Decisions are a mental activity every one of us engages in on a daily basis.  From deciding when to wake up, to what to wear, to what to eat, to how to spend our day, to where to spend our money, to whom to spend our time with... decisions are part of our daily life. According to INC Magazine, it's estimated that the average adult makes more than 35,000 decisions per day. How do we survive without burnout!


We make decisions in divers manner depending on our personality types. According to the DISC personality profiles, a D -Types are very decisive, I-Types are spontaneous in making decisions, S-types make decisions by conferring with others and the C-Types prefer to be very methodical in their decision-making process.


That doesn’t mean we are good at making decisions.  Many of us make very bad decisions every day and only a few of us make good decisions consistently.  Why is there such disparity in this?  What keeps us from...

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I Choose Forgiveness

Almost everyone I know have had to deal with some form of hurt and pain, either self-inflicted or brought about by a close friend, relation or colleague. Offences are bound to come our way and most often they leave us hurt and bitter.

When this happens, we can either choose to forgive or choose to nurse the pain and the bitterness. Forgiveness is a choice we must make intentionally. Not forgiving is also a choice we make - unintentionally. 

Now if you ask how people handled that choice, you will hear many different stories about resentment, revenge, internalizing, depression, anger, and sadness but few stories about forgiveness.  Why?  Why would anyone hold onto pain if they don’t have to?  What is it in our nature to harbor ill feelings or hold onto past pain?  Studies show that holding onto emotional pain transpires into physical illness.  

 Some call it letting go; others call it forgiving.  Not only forgiving others, but...

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Dreams And Reality

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2021


Have you wanted to set a large goal for yourself but are afraid to even give it the time and energy to create the plan to achieve it? I know I have! We all have that moment when we literally have to fight our own wills to take the steps towards our dreams.


Every achievement starts as an idea.  That idea then becomes a theory. That theory then becomes a fact thus yielding an achievement.  This process is the result of the highest form of positive thinking. 


There is a creative form of energy and it manifests itself as our imagination.  When activated, it is able to build clear and vivid images.  When we dream, our minds are filled with illogical thoughts like levitating or being outside in a bathing suit while it is snowing and not feeling cold. When building an idea, we need to not concern ourselves with the “How”.  First we must build the image and then the “How” will reveal itself to us.  We want to...

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Love is the key

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2021

Imagine a life without love.  Research says a baby’s brain will not develop properly in the absence of love.  Wow that is powerful!  Love is very powerful. Look at your own life experiences.  Can you recall a time when you felt unloved?  How did that make you feel?  Depressed? Lonely? Anxious?


Imagine a life full of love! Do you have that now?  Are you content with the amount of love you have in your life?  Are you giving love to others?  Are you receiving love?  If you aren’t completely happy with your relationships both giving and receiving, then it may be beneficial to learn what options you have to create that life.


So let’s focus on love for the moment.  To achieve the love you want in your life, begin by talking a piece of paper and I discourage you from using a computer or other device as there is something magical to actually writing down your wants and mapping out your life.



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If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. ~ Albert Einstein

I love that quote!  

Change is that scary word that most people shy away from.  I don’t want to change.  Why should I change?  Why doesn’t everyone else change to accommodate me?  If I change, then I will be out of my comfort zone.  Why change something that isn’t broken?


Change.  Asking someone to change is like expecting the sun to not rise.  Isn’t it a pointless request?  Change comes from within.  Change is something we do with ourselves.  Only we can control us, no one else.  So why ask, expect, anticipate, anything from someone else? 

People like to change but they don't like being changed. It has to be on their own terms for it to be acceptable.

Let’s focus on how to change us.  First why would anyone want to change themselves?  Is it because they don’t like the outcome?  Have...

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The Answer is Always No

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2019

The answer is always 'NO' until you ask the question.

Questions unlock potentials. Questions open doors to opportunities. Questions break barriers. Questions lead to understanding. Questions make a way for leadership.

Questions are important in uncovering the truth. 

We lead better when we lead with questions. Genuine, curiosity based questions.

I believe that there is never a wrong question.

Until we start asking questions, we will never find the answers we seek.

As long as the earth remains, there will be questions. It is true that some questions will never be answered on this side of eternity. Sometimes we seek answers to questions that can only be answered on the other side. We even try to go into other realms of existence to seek answers, but not all questions can be answered. The more we seek, the more questions we find. 

We find peace when we realize that not all questions are meant to be answered and then know the difference between the two. 

Questions keep...

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