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Learn the 11 shifts every leader must make to lead at a higher level

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Leadershift 2022

Learn the 11 Major Shifts You Need To Make To Become A Transformational Leader









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Leadershift will reveal to you how to make the necessary leadership pivots during this time!

The Leadershift mastermind begins virtually via Zoom every Monday and Thursday, starting Monday June 20 at 8PM GMT+1. Each meeting lasting ninety minutes

Make the positive leadership change in your personal and professional life.

This program is ideal for you if:


  • You want to make better decisions
  • You want to improve your organizational culture
  • You want to build resilience and adapt quickly to change
  • You want to improve teamwork and collaboration
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness and boost performance
  • You are transitioning to a higher role and more responsibilities
  • You want to build an effective succession plan
  • Your team team or organization just experienced a loss



  • Full access to the 6 weeks training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Ongoing support via a special whatsApp group
  • Workbook
  • Maxwell Leadership certificate of completion

Session 1: Introduction 

Why every leader needs to Leadershift and how do we start making the shift.

Session 2: The Focus Shift

Moving from going alone to building a team that will partner with you for significance

Session 3: The Personal Development Shift

Get started with intentional growth so you can achieve your goals.

Session 4: The Cost Shift

Leadership comes with a cost. Why should people follow you? You have to pay the price of leadership.

Session 5: The Relational Shift

Learn to demand the best from your people. Move from pleasing to challenging people.

Session 6: The Abundance Shift

Unleash your creativity and move from your comfort zone to your creative zone. Get rid of the mental blocks holding you back.

Session 7: The Reproduction Shift

You will learn how to not just be a ladder climber, but a ladder builder. The highest calling of a leader is to develop other leaders.

Session 8: The Communication Shift

Learn how to connect with people and build bridges. You will also learn how to ask for help and delegate as a leader. You will learn how to get rid of overwhelm because you are carrying too much on your tiny shoulders.

Session 9: The Improvement Shift

Learn to move forward by embracing team diversity. We will crush the barriers holding us back from making the right improvements on our team.

Session 10: The Influence Shift

Leadership is influence. You will learn how to move from leadership position to leadership authority and truly influence the people you lead. 

Session 11: The Impact Shift

This is the most import shift of all because it is the reason we want to be leaders in the first place. Every true leader desires to make impact and leave an imprint. You will learn to move from a trained leader to a transformational leader.

Session 12: The Passion Shift

You will clearly define your calling and begin to walk in it. What keeps you awake at night? What brings you fulfilment? Learn to maximize your calling.

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Meet Your Host

Kate Onakomaiya is an Executive Program Leader and President's Advisory Council member with The John Maxwell Team. She is the founder and lead Coach at Exponential Growth Academy Ltd, a coaching, Leadership development and training organization in Nigeria and co-founder of the Blooming Ladies Cooperative, Canada.

Kate is a Certified Strengths Coach and People Acuity Guide, a Certified DISC Personality Consultant, a Global Priority Transformation Specialist, a Blueprint for Success Coach.

Through her coaching, training and speaking, she helps her client generate awesome insights and build powerful mental muscles, resulting in lasting new success habits and higher performance.

She has shared the stage with John C Maxwell, where she introduced him to an audience of over 3000 coaches, speakers and trainers and has served on Transformational Leadership missions to Paraguay and Costa Rica alongside The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation.

Kate was born and raised in Cameroon and happily married with two boys and a daughter. She speaks English and French fluently and her favorite hobby is watching cartoon animations with her kids.



You Get:

  • Full access to the 6 weeks training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Ongoing support via a special whatsApp group
  • Workbook
  • Maxwell Leadership certificate of completion
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