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My name is Kate.

I coach. I train. I speak.

I am an incredible listener and accountability partner.

My purpose is to help you live a more fulfilled life, have time and energy for the people and things that matter most to you, and make impact in the world through purpose.

I love working with leaders who are focused on becoming the best versions of themselves and helping their people do same.

I help managers become leaders and apply coaching techniques to achieve results with their teams.

I work with business owners to improve personal and organizational performance.

I work with professionals to find purpose in their work/career and make impact.

Through my coaching, I help leaders develop strong mental muscles to face life challenges with a positive mindset rather than negative mindset and  manage negative emotions of self-doubt, negative self-talk, shame, guilt, and stress.



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I was prompted to start working with Kate when I realized I needed some guidance and accountability so as to full express what I felt God was calling me to do. I wanted to be able to clearly define my why in one clear sentence and go to work on it intentionally.

Kate helped me to really zoom into my why and got me working on it consistently throughout the year. She consistently checked in with me, gave me a push to work hard and report on where I am at with each project.

Our sessions were value packed, energizing and a catalyst to help me execute my next venture with enthusiasm and faith. Believing that I am able and I can do all things through Christ.

She provoked me into releasing my first book. I had written sketches of my books but had published none. Her coming into my life made me take the books from manuscripts to print.

One of the highlights of our coaching relationship was the clarity about whom I am supposed to serve with my gifts and that I have been sent to specific individuals, who will hear my voice.

If you want to be all that which God created you to be, by living out your unique design, Kate is someone you will want to take along on your journey so you can look back and say thank you Lord that I did not waste all that which you deposited inside on me for others to benefit.


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